Japan Times: Dr. Fukuoka Honoured as Vermeer Aficiando

Dr. Shin-Ichi Fukuoka was recently featured in The Japan Times, Japan’s leading English language news publication, for his central role in the marketing campaign to accompany the re-opening of the Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis.

The article notes how Dr. Fukuoka was selected by the gallery as one of 20 aficionados from around the world of the artist Johannes Vermeer. It also talks about the reasons for his fascination with the seventeenth century Dutch artist: “He doesn’t try to interpret the world but impartially depicts it as is,” Fukuoka says. It is Vermeer’s objective approach to painting which appeals to Dr. Fukuoka’s scientific mind.

“The world is constantly flowing. You cannot describe it as it is. You carve out a fragment and then you have the time leading to that moment and the time starting from there. It is like suspending and then depicting the constantly evolving life,” Fukuoka said of his interpretation of what Vermeer attempts with his painting.

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