Introducing RE-CREATE NYC 2015: Discovering the Life and Works of Johannes Vermeer

Tokyo2015_bannerBetween February 24th and March 21st, the Open House event space in Manhattan’s fashionable Nolita district is about to transform itself into a doorway into 17th century Holland. Visitors to “RE-CREATE NYC 2015” will for the first time in North America be able to view “Re-creations” of all the acknowledged works of Johannes Vermeer, as the master painter himself would have seen them as he put the finishing touches on each of his prized paintings.

After more than 3 years of successful exhibitions throughout Japan, finally New Yorkers will have a chance to be introduced to one of the freshest and most stimulating ways to appreciate the genius of Vermeer. RE-CREATE NYC 2015, is more than just an introduction to the entire works of the master artist in one place: it is an educational experience that guides visitors to better understand the secrets of his technique, his development as an artist, and the mysteries hidden within his works.

Over the coming days as we count down to the exhibition opening we will be using our Facebook page to introduce readers to the concept of “Re-creating” art masterpieces, the technologies that have allowed us to turn back the clock for each of Vermeer’s works, and to introduce Dr. Shin-Ichi Fukuoka, the driving force behind this new approach to art appreciation. Keep checking back with us, and make sure to head on down to 201 Mulberry St for a fresh perspective on one of the world’s greatest artists.

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